The Dangers of Knowing About Radon

There is a problem with the new house. It has radon. Radon is a type of gas that never caused cancer until scientists decided that it did and now it is a big deal. So anyway dad (I cannot use anyone’s real name) started getting mad. It may be because he did not eat all day. He does that. Whenever he has something important to do he does not eat and then starts a fight and denies he is hungry. Maybe he did that today. And then he starts saying that no one will buy a house that has radon so he no longer wants to buy it. And then he says that he does not know a thing about radon. Actually no… He knows a lot about reselling a house that had radon. So if you want to illustrate that you do not know anything about something start telling someone how much you know about it. I did not understand it either.

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