The Season to be Screaming (Or Soon Anyway) Pt. 1

Halloween is coming up. That is very nice. I am a big fan of Halloween. I like to scare the crud out of little kids for no other reason than my own enjoyment, I like to get the crud scared out of me for no other reason then my own enjoyment , and last but not least decorating your whole house so you can sit back and watch people get scared while you laugh. Ah the good times. But like all good things there are bad things too. Of course in the case of all hallows eve the goods are so good that the bad can simply be ignored. Sadly this year is going to be different. With the big move to Tennessee we are planning to get there on the 29th. Yeah so that does not give that much time to decorate. I am hoping that I can get a good enough costume so I can scare people without the normally necessary decor. Of course I am only 13 so with all of my eleventh grade (I am way ahead in school) homework does not give me that much time to make a good costume. (Actually right know I am supposed to be doing math.)

But on the upside I get to have a great house. That is nice. But I can’t think about that too much. I have to do math.

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