The Season to be Screaming (Or Soon Anyway) Pt. 2

I decided what I am going to be for Halloween.  I am going to be a french person.  I do not know how I came up with that but it seems to work.  Anyways I guess I have to forget about having a scary enough costume to scare people without decor.  Oh well it is a cool costume anyway.  I have a beret and a wine glass.  Yeah I know that a complete stereotype of french people.  That is the only way to make a good costume.  Oh yeah I am a french person.  And you can tell that because I do not have anything that conveys “french”.  That is very smart.  Anyway I have been looking at Halloween stuff on a website.  It is quite cool.  There are all sorts of very scary and expensive animatronics stuff.  It is pretty darn scary.  They have this one prop or someone getting there innards sucked out with a tube.  He is hanging three feet of the ground with a tube shoved down his throat sucking out he guts.  Yeah it is really scary and morbid.  The site also has a little baby werewolf puppet.  It is pretty cool.  Anyway I have to go to class now.

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