The Fun Stuff That You Can Look Foward To Kids.

I have been doing a lot of homework lately.  That is because I am in eleventh grade.  But for a couple of weeks I did not do chemistry so I sort of got used to that.  That is never a good thing to do.  For one thing when you start back up you are always buried for a couple of weeks.  I am in those weeks now.  Truth be told if I was that buried I probably not have time to write a blog.  Well yeah that is true.  But today I do not have to go to the usual four-hour class so I have some extra time.  And I did a lot of my homework earlier this week so it is not that hard.  Anyway, I have to memorize a lot of vocabulary words and revise some stuff for AP English.  Keep in mind that I am only thirteen so that is hard to do.  It is kind of bad because I get up early every day and then do not stop doing homework all day until I leave to go to gym.  Then I come home and go to bed.  That happens every day except the weekend.  But last weekend I had to do homework all through the weekend.  Anyway as I was going to say it is sort of depressing because I draw a comic strip but I have not had any time to do that.  So if I do not post tomorrow it will be because I am drawing a comic or my dad got mad and I am being forced to do inane tasks to rid me of my ego like sometimes.  Sadly I do not know how to close this blog post so I am going to pretend that I died.  Aaaaaaahhhhhrrrrgggg!!!!!! THUD!!  Gurgle gurgle…

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