The Season To Be Screaming (A Grave Matter) Pt. 3

I have been doing some more thinking and researching about Halloween.  That is kind of unavoidable once it starts to be the season.  Anyway I have been doing some rethinking about what I am going to wear as a costume.  You see I have been checking out all my favorite Halloween websites.  There are not really that many French themed haunted houses.  So that sort of reduces my scaring potential.  That is very unfortunate since I like to scare people a lot.  Even though I had sort of given up on having a really scary Halloween yard and haunted house costume I came up with a good idea that might just work.

I am thinking about being a corpse about to be buried.  So what I was going to do was to put up a grave behind my head with a little inscription.  Then I was going to paint my face and hands whitish so I look very pale and dead like.  Then I was planning on putting a shroud over the bottom half of my body.   Have you got all of that?  Then with the top half of my body I was going to hold the bowl of candy.  And most people with half a brain can guess what will happen to the Trick or Treaters next.  But sadly most Americans have no brain what so ever so I provide the following explanation.

I will scare them.

The Trick or Treaters not the dumb Americans.

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