The Season To Be Screaming, Pt. 4

I have been doing the start of my annual Halloween internet Surfathon. It’s pretty much when I spend hours at a time looking at everything Halloween from masks and costumes to how to make animated skeletons pop out from the ground and grab people. It starts at the end of September to the end of October. It is pretty fun. So my goal is to finish my home work before Friday so I can spend all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday looking at cool Halloween stuff on-line. Yeah it is really cool and you can learn a lot of cool stuff. On a slightly different note I have designed a haunted house for the next year after we will have been in Tennessee for about a year already. The problem with this year is that we are probably going to get there about one or two days before Halloween. Giving that Halloween haunted houses take about a week to make correctly no one will be trick or treating when it is done and everyone will think that I am either a moron or an imbecile. Anyway it just will not happen. The thing is in Tennessee Halloween is bigger than Christmas there. Or so everyone said. That is very cool because our family has always done Christmas bigger than Halloween. We have the whole smear of deers and animals. But to tell the truth I have always liked the decorating possibilities of Halloween the best.  You know like dead bodies and ghosts and monster. So if everyone is doing nothing for Christmas and everything for Halloween I will fit right. Next blog I think I will publish how I am going to design my haunted house. Please do not steal it.

Happy Halloween!

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