The Season to be Screaming Pt. 5

I have changed my mind about telling you my haunted house plans early.  That is simply not a wise thing to do.  Partly because the way I write and design stuff it would look to you like I dipped some chickens in ink and then scared them while they were on a piece of paper.  Yeah, really.  You see, I can relate these orally and it doesn’t sound like chickens dipped in ink.  So anyway this post is going to be about I plan to make some of my props.  Most of these props are purely conceptual.  I have never made any of these.  But during my Halloween research for this haunted house that never really has happened I get some good ideas that are too good to ignore or discard.  So I just keep them in a file that has progressed beyond anything natural on this earth and has gotten so big it is unnatural and unhealthy to behold in one sitting.  But I think that they are good and have some worth in the homemade Halloween prop kingdom.  Here I go.  But please have mercy.

My first idea was a dead body.  This is a deceptively easy thing to make.  Any skin that is showing needs to look like flesh.  In case you have never tried to create flesh it is very hard to do.  And if you try to make a head shape it is even harder to do.  Then after about a year of trying to figure out how to make a realistic head I finally stumbled upon a solution.  Foam wig heads.  They are everything that a homemade prop needs.  Cheap, slightly water proof, easily customized and they are easy to carve and mutilate.  Pretty much all you need to do is a little Paper Mache.  Then a quick paint job and some blood and you have a decapitated head.  Yeah it is nice.  Considering that my haunted house need a murder zone I am thinking of just ordering about 20 of these to have strewn around.

Ah the pleasant thoughts that live in my head.

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