The Season To Be Screaming, Pt 7

Yesterday I went to my first real haunted house.  The only others that I have been in were either the haunted ride at Disney or homemade in someone’s front yard.  This one was a few minutes from my house.  I am not going to tell you were it was because then you would know where I live.  Anyway before we went in I put my ticket under my arm to but on a wristband.  Someone bumped into and I could not find my ticket.  I am convinced that someone had pick pocketed my ticket.  Or since it was under my arm pick under armed me.  I know I know bad joke.  Fortunately there was another ticket on the ground that I could use.

So anyway we went into the event.  There was the haunted house and there was also a mini carnival with all sorts of rides and games.  It was pretty cool.  To get in you had to walk into this mini haunted house/ tunnel.  There were three evil clowns with chain saws.  When you first walked in there was one who would chase you with his saw.  He was sort of crying, sad clown.  Then you would walk by another corner and there would be an evil clown with a pointed nose.  He did not have a chain saw.  Then there was one more clown who chased you out into the carnival with a saw.  The funny part was that it was not a chain saw but a bright orange, Home Depot, hedge trimmer.  Once I saw this I thought it was pretty funny.

At this point I suppose I should mention something.  We went with this kid that did karate.  He was not the karate kid.  Apparently the way his brain works he was not scared by any of the props and actors.  At some points he would jump around and scare the actors it was pretty funny.  More about that later.  There were four rides and a couple of carnival games.  One of the rides was s big arm that swung in a circle like a Ferris wheel.   Then there was a string of carts that went in a big circle.  There was this very evil ride where you would lay down and it would swing in a circle.  It was supposed to be hang gliding.  There was one more that I do not know how to describe.

Any way we all rode on the rides for about an hour.  And then the moment of truth; the haunted house.  To admit it I was scared out of my pants.  Giving the fact that I started crying in everyone haunted house that I ever went in I was quite apprehensive.  But it was only the second year so it might not be that good.  Um, yeah right.  Turns out that it was a very good haunted house and there were two so we got to do double.

In the line there was this big fat dude.  He was walking around with a head and a walking stick.  He was very tall and fat.  I was getting worried because he did not seem like he had full mental abilities.  I mean if he got mad he could probably do some serious damage.  And the un-karate kid sure as heck was not letting anyone scare him.  He would walk up to the actors and tell them that they had jelly on their face.  You know because of the blood.  He was making them pretty mad.  It was very funny.

The haunted houses were very scary.  One was a butcher shop and the other was a haunted mansion.  Truthfully I do not really remember what happened except that there were a lot of strobe lights.  It was very cool.  During the haunted house un-karate kid was staring out one of the actors.  She got really mad and shoved him down the hallway.

And I feel compelled to mention this.  One kid got shocked on the ride.  This is not helping how paranoid I am about the rides falling apart.

All in all it was a very fun experience.  The one thing it did best was to make me want to make my own haunted house even more.

I have no idea how to end this post so I am just going to say good-bye.

Good bye.

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