Chain Saws And Homemade Coffins

Today is Halloween.  That is good.  In a couple of hours I get to dress up in a costume and chase people with a chainsaw till midnight on a sugar high induced from candy.  If that does not spell perfect than I do not know what does.  Where we are living Halloween is a giant holiday.  Down the street from our house there is a haunted house and a guy who took a week off from work to decorate his house.  Yeah I am pretty much in heaven.  Right know I am in a café to get Wi-Fi.  We still have not set up any internet yet so we are still living up in a cloud isolated from all.  I am dressing up as an evil lumberjack.  I have a weird mask, a plaid shirt, and one of those fur hats with ear flaps.  And yes I do have a chainsaw.  That is the key.  A mean and evil key sure but an important key none the less.  I just hope that I do not get cold.  It is pretty cold outside.  Yesterday we bought our dogs argyle sweaters.  Well more sweater-vests.  One dog got so cold a few days ago that I had to put him inside my jacket.  I am sort of going in all sorts of directions here.  That is probably the fault of the giant cup of tea that I just drank.  So just remember to scare the pants off of everyone you can today.  It is required.

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