We Are Being Invaded By Mustached Theives

Our home has been invaded by about ten burly guys with mustaches who are putting all of our stuff into boxes and then throwing it onto a truck. And they are being paid for the honor of doing it. Of course at this point I should mention that we out moving to Tennessee tomorrow and these people are movers who are going to drive to our new house with the truck. It is a mix of perfect paradise and the highest level of torment.  It is paradise because everyone is doing the work for you and you can sit on your rear all day. All you have to do is move if someone is about to drop a dresser on you head. And it is torment because of the fact that after the first day there is nowhere to sit, sleep, eat and exist. And I think that I should mention that if it ninety degrees outside and all the doors and windows are open it is not the paradigm of comfort. For any of you out there who are moving avoid getting hit by a snapped giant rubber bands they use to keep things in place. Those are painful.
It is sort of sad, sort of happy, sort of scary, sort of exciting and a lot of working so much that you do not have time to think about it. The last is the easiest to deal with because you are not thinking about it. Personally I have never liked the period from April till September when there is a very good chance of death by heat when getting the mail. In Tennessee it is hot in the summer but it gets cold in the winter too. Anyway we are driving up on Thursday and officially buying the house on Friday.  Please do not stalk me. I will blog not for a while because we will be driving up and not have any wifi or internet.

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