I Have Been Invited To a Wedding (And I Do Not Know Who Invited Me)

I am listening to someone’s details about how they are going to have their wedding and how the soon to be husband (September 29).  They are not talking to me.  I am at a coffee shop.  They decided to sit right behind me and blab at the top of their voices.  Whoa new details.  She is going to have a green themed wedding.  Not green flowers white flowers but she is going to have green fabric and such.  She flew to London and then to Rome with her husband to be.  They had a sea bass for dinner.  The chef had totally crusted it in salt so it looked like a big chunk of salt.  Then someone cut it up for them at the table.  And it was garnished with parsley.  You cannot forget the parsley.  The parsley is the most important part.  That sounds like one tasty fish.  Then when they were going to fly home he proposed to her.  He had gotten the ring at Jared jeweler. 

That just pushed me a little too far and I took out my rage by writing this post.  I mean seriously I could write her stinking wedding story.  My Wedding According To Some Creep Eavesdropping On Me At A Café.  I would buy that.  And to cap it off her friend Claire had it at the same place.  I know where that place is.  I can crash on her wedding.  And I would look great in my new green suit.  And the flower in my button-hole would be white because she does not want green flowers.

Now for the icing on the cake.  Not only are these people screaming intimate details about their life but they never seemed to notice the little dude in front of them typing away and craning his head in order to hear better.  Nor did they see the 16 inch computer screen with 16 point font.  That was pointing right towards them.  Wow how unobservant.

So this would be an easy wedding to crash considering the paragraph above.  They would probably think that I was their brother.

Now on a different note of other people ineptitude I will discuss the WiFi situation.  WiFigate as I like to call it.  The inept blubbering idiots that provide WiFi have not given us any internet yet.  They promise that we will get it every week and we do not get it every week.  So I have not been able to post all sort of holiday related stuff that I cannot post any other day than the day without internet.  Anyway I have to go home now.  See you at the wedding.  I will be in a green suit.

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