It Starts At A Young Age: Cheating In The Game Of Tennis

I play tennis at the club in our neighborhood.  I’m pretty bad.  I play with various members of my family who create and/or fuel various annoying issues.  Basically I play about twice to three times a week.  Today I was going to play with my father.  The annoying issue surrounding this that he will decide to play tennis ten minutes after we were supposed to be finished.  So today we were planning to play at seven P.M.  We ended up starting at quarter of eight P.M.  Well maybe we had to wait forty-five minutes for a court to be opened.  Whatever.  But to put the title of this post in context the court we were waiting for a court used by to nine-year old girls.  One of their dads was sitting on the bench like a mob boss.  Hands on his face, imperceptible facial expressions, overall creepiness.  So let’s continue.  The girls are playing a match.  Uber-serious.  Officials.  Grunting.  Scoring.  But no one to say when the ball is in or out.  One girl hits the ball almost long, but everyone can see it was in.  Except for the girl who looked at her mob boss father, and when he nodded said the ball was out.  The other player checked to make sure it was out.  Whatever, she went to serve.  She called out the score, and then asked if it was right.  The other girl hesitated for a moment and then said “No, no I’m sorry.  The ball was in.”  You should have seen the dads face.  If he had a violin case, that would have been when I ran for my life.  I kind of did anyway.  And thus ends the blog post.  There was more that happened but I am tired.

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1 Response to It Starts At A Young Age: Cheating In The Game Of Tennis

  1. old mama says:

    sad but too often true in early sports

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